Mission and values

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Mission and values

Mission of AVN architectural office is a creation of the modern architectural concepts significantly improving the standard and comfort of the modern person habitat, which provides also the maximum efficiency of investment and simplicity of realization for the Customer.

In our activities we are guided by the following principles:

  • Rationality

    We always look for the most rational solution of each task set us by the Customer. Rationality in everything is a basic principle of our activities. We consider that each square meter of space has to be effective and each hryvnia has to be spent efficiently.

  • Innovation

    We keep abreast of construction and architecture trends and try to apply the best practices and state-of-the-art technologies in design of any building types, namely residential complexes, production and warehouse complexes, shopping centres, social infrastructure facilities, etc.

  • Creativity

    First of all, architect is a creator. Therefore, a special attention is given to initial idea, which should fit with basic architectural principles, such as Reliability, Profit and Beauty, as well as take into account a specific situation of the project realization.

  • Competence and Professionalism

    Our team consists of the first-rate professionals, who are keen on their work, having an appropriate level of education and real practical experience in designing of not a few objects. We regularly increase the level of our vocational training.

  • Flexibility

    The basic principle of life is continuous changes. Therefore, in our activities we are always ready for searching and following of substandard solutions at keeping a commitment to the basic principles. Of course, if these solutions correspond to a certain extent of the existing situation.